Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Skills

Emotional intelligence involves our ability to sense and develop interpersonal and ‘intrapersonal’ skills.

What are interpersonal skills?
‘Inter’ means between. For example if you see an inter-city train it is a train that goes between cities. So interpersonal skills are ‘skills between persons‘ (that’s people to you and me).

What are intrapersonal skills?
‘Intra’ means within. So just like an organizations’ intranet is a network within the organization, so intrapersonal skills are the skills of going within ourselves. They are the skills we use in self-reflection and they involve our ability to look within and explore our own judgements, thinking patterns, reactions and responses to develop deeper insight and self-awareness.

We use interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, to varying degrees, in all our relationships. This includes relationships with loved ones, our significant other, our friends, our family, our colleagues, when we meet strangers or new people, and people we work with and see every day. They are the vital skills of how we be with, and relate to, other people.

Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills involve complex sets of skills which weave together into a coherent whole style of relating so that we are largely unaware of the skills that we use every day. They include communication skills and other skills such as:
•    being able to sense what other people are feeling,
•    knowing what we are thinking and feeling and how this makes us behave – we call this being aware of ourselves in the relationship – or being ‘self-aware’
•    being able to express our own feelings
•    being able to handle our feelings in ways that are safe and respectful to ourselves and other people
•    understanding the effects of our feelings and behavior on other people
•    being able to support other people through emotional difficulties

Although we use these skills in our relationships every day, we can always improve them. As we improve our emotional intelligence and relating skills all our relationships can get better.

Why would we want to improve our emotional intelligence?
Improving our interpersonal skills helps us to enrich relationships with friends, family and loved ones. It helps us to cope better at work, and in social situations and especially when we come across situations and people who are difficult or challenging for us.


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